Sunday, July 24, 2011

WB2PB Trade deadline evaluation: David DeJesus

Over the next nine days, we will take a look at one player who is in the rumor mill to join the Pirates leading up to the trade deadline. Today's installment is Oakland A's outfielder David DeJesus

The batting order with the addition of DeJesus: 
1. Presley/Tabata, LF;  2. DeJesus, RF; 3. Walker, 2B;  4. McCutchen, CF;  5. Doumit, C; 6. Alvarez, 3B; 7. Cedeno, SS; 8. Pearce/Overbay; 9. pitcher 

  • Decent plate discipline, with a on-base percentage almost 90 point better than his batting average.
  • Adequate outfielder but has declined with age.
  • Veteran experience... I guess
  • Has never lived to his potential, save a couple of good seasons in 2005 and 2008.
  • Another player who has never been on a winner.
  • Has never played in the National League, so would have to adjust to a new set of pitchers on the fly and contribute, which fans have high expectations for if you are trading for him at the deadline.
  • Not much power, not much speed, not much average, not much range. Not quite sure why he's so in the mix

If you think adding a player to improve the worst player on your team is a good idea, then fine. DeJesus is a better player than Xavier Paul. But this is another player who can't lefties (.139 this season compared to .266 vs. RHP). Also, it's very odd when a guy hits all of his HRs in the same month, which he did with his five in May. A trade like this would make you wonder if the Pirates are planning to do Ryan Doumit in right field with Matt Diaz and platoon DeJesus in LF with Pearce, which again doesn't make the team much better.

And why is it that names like Willingham and DeJesus, guys with careers on terrible teams, are coming up as options to join a good team. Why is Melky Cabrera not in the conversation? Is Jason Kubel unavailable? How about Jeff Franceour, who actually has power against lefties, which is lineup definitely needs.

Back to DeJesus. It just seems that taking on a player for almost $2 million isn't a bad idea, but if he hits .232 with no power and little speed he may not be work $2. And he has no versatility, which means gap wide open still at 1B. The only positive thing would be...He's better than Xavier Paul. And he won't return to the team as he will be a free agent after the year.

Likely chance of acquisition: 40 percent

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  1. Thinking Melky would fit in nicely...may still have a little something in the tank...worth the rent for a couple of months.